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Rahavard Omid Salamat Company

Rahavard Omid Salamat Company (RosMed) was established in 1397 with a team of medical engineering experts, business experts and experienced physicians.

Since its inception, the company has been working closely with the medical and engineering sciences to make the most of the technological capabilities of the engineering sciences in the medical community. And it tries to take a step in the direction of its mission by offering domestic and foreign products in line with the latest developments in the world and holding training workshops and providing fast and optimal services, as well as providing appropriate and practical technical advice.

In this direction, Rahavard Omid Salamat Company (RosMed) will always try to explain its short-term and long-term policies with an accurate look at the needs of customers, specialists and respected professors of the country’s medical community and hopes to work with them. Satisfactory cooperation.